Gone Walkabout

Take a break, take a hike!

To go walkabout is an expression from the Aboriginals in Australia meaning: 

- a temporary return to traditional life taken especially between periods of work or residence in modern society and usually involving a period of travel through the bush

- a walking trip

Many people spend hours behind screens and indoors. So how about taking a walk?

Gone Walkabout is based in the Hague, Netherlands and exploring the world. Facilitating walks, hikes and trips.

Walking is good for many things. You slow down, breath in breath out, feel your feet on the earth, the wind, sun and rain around you. It sharpens your senses and you will feel more aware of your body. It's like reconnecting with yourself. After exercising you will feel healthily strained, comfy and relaxed, refreshed and ready to rumble!

Upcoming events:

At the moment: hiking on Aruba - in between shifts

27th july - 3rd august - hiking holiday Italy:


4th - 10th august - hiking holiday Italy:


18th - 22nd august - hike part of L1 Italy (private):


23rd - 30th august - hiking holiday Austria:


6th - 13th september - hiking holiday Austria:


12th - 19th october - hiking holiday Spain:


5th - 19th march 2020 - winterretreat Spain:


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